The SportCafé is located on the upper floor of SmáraTívolí, it seats 60 people and can hold up to 100 people. There you can watch the match on several big screens as well as one jumbo screen. Bring you buddies and watch your team play while we serve you drinks and snacks! Afterwards why not wander off onto the Arcade floor for some competition of your own.


On the upper floor we have a Sportbar where we serve Pizzas from Sbarro. We also sell nachos, popcorn and drinks. There is also a candy sale on the lover floor where you can buy candyfloss, popcorn, slush juice and candy. You can either buy some refreshments and have a seat in the seating area or just continue on exploring the park with refreshments in hand.


On the upper floor of SmáraTívolí there are 3 pool tables, beer ball and slot machines. It’s a great gathering place, wether on you just want to kick back with a game of pool and a cold beer or to meet up some friends before doing something else.

Opening hours Pool & Sportbar:

Monday to wednesday 16:00 til 20:00

Thursday 16:00 – 21:00

Friday 16:00 til 23:00

Saturday 12:00 til 23:00

Sunday 13:00 til 20:00

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