Are you planning a staff treat, annual celebration, birthday, family day, surprise trip, team building or other fun?

SmáraTívolí shakes your group together in fun games & activities in great environment. We will adapt your day at your request.


1-20 people

  • 1 game – 1.250 kr.
  • 2 games – 2.250 kr.
  • 3 games – 2.750 kr.


Group offer (20+ people)-Free game in pool while waited

  • 1 game – 1.100 kr.
  • 2 games  – 1.990 kr.
  • 3 games – 2.450 kr.


Group offer (30+ people)-Free game in pool while waited

  • 1 game – 950 kr.
  • 2 games – 1.790 kr.
  • 3 games  – 2.200 kr.

Every group is offered free pool while waiting for others in Lazertag


We start by splitting the group into small teams, it depends on how good your attendance is how many teams are. SmáraTívolí staff, so called GameMaster is with you all the time, we create a name for your team, elect officers and one secretary.
Then the fun starts, you go to all our fun games where you compete internally in your joints and score written down.

Activities that teams compete in: 

Lazertag, 7D dark ride, Basketball, Cars og Motorbikes, Hammer, Dancemachine, mini bowling, Iceball and many other after what time we have.
It get´s really exsiting during the game.
We serve Sbarro pizzas 16″ for 2.500 kr and beer and other bevarages.

When the tournament is over our GameMaster will crown the winner who will get a GameMasterCup.

This will take about 2-4 hours and after that you can stay and play pool and have a drink at the bar for affordable price (ask staff member)

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Let us take care of your family day, we transform a package at your request outside of usual opening hours if participants are over 100 people. Get an offer! Games and food for everyone.

Multiple fun

360° BigBass
7D Dark ride
and over 100 gameplays on 2 floors

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Schools and company´s (16 years and younger)
  • 2 games Lazertag+ 2 slizes pizza and pepsi – 2.390 kr. Additional, 30 min in Tivoligames on upper floor, 790.- kr
  • 2 games lazertag + 1 hour card in Tivoli, all games exept the ones who give prizes + 2 slices pizza and pepsi – 3.790 kr.
  • 1 hour card in Tivoli + 2 slices pizza and pepsi – 2.390 kr.
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Bachelor & bachelorette part

We welcome all bachelor and bachelorette group and create a fun activity package in a time frame requested.

All bachelors and bachelorette get a free coctail from SmáraTívolí

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