This ride takes you for a real spin, turning you 360° while going full circles, where you’ll find yourself upside down 13 meters in the air! The ride may sound extreme but it’s suitable for every person over the height of 120 cm and the age of 10. The midi dance party has been a huge success in theme parks all over the world, although this one is the first one set up indoor!

Price: 1.100 kr.


SmáraTívolí has 10 bumper cars and no one alike. Try bumping them all!


Price 800 kr.


Lasertag is open for walk in business:

Monday to Thirsday 4 pm to 10 pm

Friday 4 pm to 11 pm

Saturday 12 pm to 11 pm

Sunday 1 pm to 10 pm

Lazer tag is a high octaine experience! Lazer tag is suitable for both genders and all ages (8 years plus). In SmáraTívolí´s Lazer tag you fight in the ancient relics of a Inkan temple in the midst of South America.

We guarantee you’ll come smiling out… sweaty but smiling!

  • Indivituals

    1 game 1.250 kr.
    2 games 2.250 kr. 
    3 games 2.750 kr.

    Group offer (20+ people)Free to play pool in 30 min before or after Lazertag
    1 game 1.100 kr.
    2 games 1990 kr.
    3 games 2.450 kr.  

    Group offer (30+ people)Free to play pool in 30 min before or after Lazertag
    1 game 950 kr.
    2 games 1.790 kr.
    3 games 2.200 kr.

    Schools, youth centers and sports team(16 years and younger) OFFER
    2 games Lazertag + 2 slizes of pizza and a glass of soda for 2.390 kr.  You can add 30 min gameplay card for upper floor for only 890 kr pr. person


Mini bowling is easy and fun! No registration, no special shoes, just a swipe with your card and the fun can begin! The miniature bowling balls make it suitable for all ages and with a one push button grids come up and go down the sides to make the bowling even more easy! Up to six people can play on the same lane. Just swipe your card through the reader, one swipe for each player and when you hit “START” the screen will display the suitable amount of players!

Price 800 kr.


SmáraTívolí has a wide range of redemption games that require some skill and a bit of luck! The player will get electric tickets, depending on their performance, automatically on their Fun cards and they can then be either used at the prize desk or saved for a later use. The prize desk has a great range of prices ranging from small sweets to cooler state of the art electric goods. Every one should find something they like.

Tivoli game price from 220 kr. isk


(Timecard never collect Tickets)


On the upper floor in SmáraTívolí there is a Arcade floor, there you will find many great games ranging from the old classics to some state of the art computer games. Try the Dance off or take a motorcycle tournament! What ever you like, just dust off your competitive face because the game is ON!


NOW SHOWING “Gigamon” and “Werewolfs ”

The 7D cinema in SmáraTívolí is the first of it´s kind in the world where the audience are not only audience but take full role in the mowie. The 7D unite both movie and videogames.

Fasten your seatbelts because you will have the ride of your life, seats move and you will go to other spaces with your 3D glasses in an adwentures ride. You get a gun and shoot the enemy and your result will be seen on a screen outside. No show is the same!

Come and try

Price pr. ride 1.100.-